Saturday, April 7, 2012

PMP Formulas Cheat Sheet

Recently, I took PMP certification. I'm posting the formulas that I had gathered during preparation in my personal cheat sheet, so that others preparing can benefit from it.

Three point estimate (PERT) = (to + 4tm + tp) / 6 (This applies for both cost and time) (to is optimistic estimate, tm is median estimate and tp is pessimistic estimate)
Standard deviation = (p-o)/6 (p is pessimistic and o is optimistic)
Total standard deviation (given other std deviations) is sqrt of the sum of the individual variances (variance is square of deviation)

Schedule variance: SV = EV - PV (EV is Earned Value, PV is Planned Value)
(Note that SV is always 0 at the end of the project (if the project is completed))
Cost variance: CV = EV - AC (AC is Actual Cost)
(CV at the end of the project is AC - BAC) (BAC is Budget At Completion)
(Both SV and CV should be positive. Negative schedule and cost variance means project is behind schedule and over budget respectively)
Schedule Performance Index: SPI = EV/PV
Cost Performance Index: CPI= EV/AC
(Both SPI and CPI should be greater than 1. Schedule and cost performance index less than 1 means project is behind schedule and over budget respectively)
Burn rate = AC / EV = 1/CPI

Forecasting: (Estimate at completion - EAC)
EAC = AC + bottom up ETC (ETC is Estimate To Complete)
EAC = AC + (BAC - EV) - This is applicable if remaining work is estimate to continue at budgeted rate
EAC = BAC / CPI - This is applicable if remaining work continues at current cost
EAC = AC + ((BAC - EV)/ (CPI x SPI)) - This is considering both SPI and CPI

Variance at completion: VAC = BAC - EAC 

Total Cost to Performance Index (TCPI):
TCPI based on BAC = (BAC - EV)/(BAC - AC)
TCPI based on EAC = (BAC - EV)/(EAC - AC) (Ratio of remaining work to funds remaining)

Expected Monetary Value: EMV = Probability X Impact (Cost)
Present Value: PV = FV / ((1+r) to the power of n) (FV is future value)


Vikram said...

THanks Raja. This is very useful..

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Fares Zoughaib said...

Hi raja, I am doing my exam next week and I want to know if it is allowed to have you above notes with me during the exam? Thank you for your reply.

Raja said...

@Fares - I don't think you can take any materials or notes with you to the exam.

KK said...

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