Tuesday, July 29, 2014

JSON (Desktop) Editors

There are many online JSON editors, but I was looking for a local editor where I can edit my local json files. Below are some of the ones I found:
  1. http://eclipsejsonedit.sourceforge.net/ - Eclipse JSON Editor plugin - You can either download the plugin from this url or search in marketplace and install the plugin directly as well. For working inside Eclipse, this is good.
  2. http://marketplace.eclipse.org/content/json-tools - Eclipse JSON Tools plugin - This has Eclipse JSON editor bundled and offers additional functionality as well. It offers syntax highlighting, collapsible sections, json formatting and outline tree view.
  3. http://tomeko.net/software/JSONedit/ - Right now, they are in version 0.9.8, but it is under active development and it looks good. It offers tree view and text view. Tree view offers editing as well. Validation of json text is done when switching to tree view and text view also offers collapsing of sections.
  4. http://jsonviewer.codeplex.com/ - This one doesn't have syntax highlighting or collapsible sections in text mode, but offers immediate validation (which is not offered by others) and also clicking on the error takes you to the correct (almost) location, which it makes it easy to fix the error. It also has tree view, which makes it easier.
  5. http://sourceforge.net/projects/nppjsonviewer/ - If you use Notepad++, then this plugin might be worth exploring.
  6. http://www.thomasfrank.se/json_editor.html - They have both online and local version, but it is not that impressive.
  7. http://www.altova.com/xmlspy/json-editor.html - XMLSpy - This is not free, but seems to have good functionality. 
I was looking at something that is free and would easily integrate into my development environment. Since I use Eclipse, I installed JSON Tools Eclipse plugin and it satisfies my needs so far.


ekkescorner said...

I'm using Cocoa JSON Editor. not free but really cool editor

Sarah Nelson said...

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Peter Shaw said...

There is a new guy in town: Inspector Json. It does very much right and looks quite good. Check it out: https://www.ausdertechnik.de/inspectorjson it's worth every cent.

rodona sormin said...

terimakasih infonya,,
sangat menarik dan bermanfaat,,

Iris Panabaker said...

I would suggest good tools for JSON Lovers to understatnd JSON data http://jsonformatter.org and http://codebeautify.org/jsonviewer

Sam Khavari said...
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Sam Khavari said...

For tabular json I really like the json data ninja!

jimoza said...

I like http://jsonformatter.org

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Muhitmonsur Monsur said...

I think easiest one is http://jsontuneup.com it also able to validate JSON and show as a tree object on the side.